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Kirill Krivosheev is a journalist and foreign policy analyst from Russia. Previously Kirill was covering political developments and conflicts in former Soviet republics, Türkiye and Afghanistan, with a special focus on South Caucasus for the Kommersant newspaper. Currently, Kirill collaborates with various independent media outlets.

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Why Is Russia Legalizing the Taliban?

Although there are potential security and economic benefits for Moscow to be gained from closer ties to Afghanistan, they will be difficult to achieve. 

· June 13, 2024
The Cost of Russia’s Friendship With Azerbaijan

Amid the war in Ukraine, Azerbaijan has become an essential partner for Russia when it comes to both energy exports, and keeping open a transport corridor to Iran.

· May 7, 2024
Russia’s Remaining Leverage Over Armenia Is Dwindling Fast

The Kremlin’s options include attempting to organize a coup in Yerevan, or applying economic pressure. Neither is particularly likely.

· March 13, 2024
Landmark Armenia-Azerbaijan Peace Treaty Inches Closer

Despite their bloody history and repeated recent disappointments, a long-term accommodation between Armenia and Azerbaijan is within reach.

· January 23, 2024
Can There Be Lasting Peace Between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

Instead of Russian and Western drafts of a peace treaty, there will now only be one: Azerbaijan’s.

· October 27, 2023
What the Dissolution of Nagorno-Karabakh Means for the South Caucasus

Any broader peace agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan would signal the start of a new era in the South Caucasus. Russia’s influence would decline, and Turkey’s—grow.

· September 29, 2023
Why Azerbaijan May Find Itself a Victim of Its Own Success

Plentiful resources contribute to long-term success if channeled to the development of institutions, but Azerbaijan, like many other autocracies, is instead using them to burnish its image abroad and cement the status quo.

· July 5, 2023
Armenia Is Ready to Relinquish Nagorno-Karabakh: What Next?

Relations with Russia will have to be overhauled, since the main subject of discussion—Karabakh—will disappear. For most Armenians, the Kremlin will be seen as an unreliable ally that abandoned them in their hour of need.

· April 28, 2023
Could the New EU Mission Sideline Russia in Armenia-Azerbaijan Settlement?

If the Europeans end up securing relative peace for Armenia and corroborate Azerbaijan’s border encroachments, it will be undeniable that Russia is not the only force Yerevan can rely on.

· February 16, 2023
Russian Peacekeepers Find Themselves Sidelined in Nagorno-Karabakh

At some point, Moscow will have to have a serious conversation with Baku about reassessing the existing arrangements in Nagorno-Karabakh in Azerbaijan’s favor.

· December 15, 2022