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The Carnegie Politika Podcast delivers world-class analysis on what’s happening in Russia, Ukraine, and Eurasia. Every month, Russia expert Alexander Gabuev talks to Carnegie scholars and regional analysts on the ground to respond to emerging regional trends, the future of Russian geopolitics, and how the region is shaping the world.


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Western Sanctions Are Pushing Russian Metals Producers Into China’s Arms

Russian companies are not only selling more metals to China, but also integrating their value chains with Chinese firms.

· July 12, 2024
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Russian Emigration in Flux

Although mass repressive measures against emigres are regularly discussed in the corridors of power, none of these ideas have been introduced, possibly because the Russian regime is not interested in scaring away the entire diaspora. Instead, it needs to lure certain individuals back home while continuing to pressure “troublemakers” abroad.

  • Emil Kamalov
  • Ivetta Sergeeva
  • Emil Kamalov
  • Ivetta Sergeeva
· July 11, 2024
Russia Sees Signs of Diplomatic Rehabilitation in Orbán Visit

For Moscow, the significance of the Hungarian leader’s most recent visit had nothing to do with any peace proposal he may have put to Putin. It simply proved to the Kremlin that Russia is treading a similar path to the one it followed after 2014: from international outcast to a reestablishment of relations.

· July 10, 2024
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Is Ineffective and Irrelevant

Russia-China competition and an expanded membership have turned the Eurasian security grouping into little more than a talking shop.

· July 5, 2024
A Naval Blockade of Russian Oil Exports Risks a Military Showdown

The sanctions deployed against Russia have failed to break Vladimir Putin’s war machine, and now the West is looking for ways to make them more potent. In doing so, Western policymakers should remain clear-eyed about potential risks and side effects.

· July 5, 2024
Arc of Instability: How to Survive as an “In-Between” European State

Carnegie Politika podcast host Alex Gabuev is joined by Carnegie Europe's director Rosa Balfour and senior fellow Tom de Waal to discuss Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, and Serbia, which find themselves caught between Russia and the EU.

Fresh Russia-Türkiye Spat Endangers Long-Term Ties

Moscow’s anger over Turkish arms supplies to Kyiv and compliance with U.S. sanctions threatens a rift between the on-off allies.  

· July 3, 2024