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    The EU Continues to Sanction Belarus. Some Belarusians Approve.

    Since October 2020, the European Union has gradually extended its sanctions against Belarus. Aimed to change the calculations and dynamics within the ruling elite, sanctions are now perceived as less important by the Belarusian people given the authoritarian regime's consolidation of power.

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    Carnegie Connects: A Conversation with Kurt Campbell

    Kurt Campbell sits down with Aaron to talk about U.S.-China relations and the future of the geopolitical rivalry between the two superpowers

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    One Single Day. That’s All It Took for the World to Look Away From Us

    • January 05, 2022
    • New York Times Opinion

    The United States retains a huge amount of economic and military power, but that power is not usable in the absence of domestic political consensus over the country’s international role.

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    Lebanon’s President Has Leverage But His Alliance With Hezbollah Isn't Over

    If Hezbollah’s critics should do anything, it is to collectively support Mr Aoun’s calls for a dialogue over a national defence strategy, and insist it begin as soon as possible. Hezbollah made it clear after the president’s speech that now was not the time to discuss this.

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    Can A Progressive Alliance Ever Win In The UK?

    At the last general election, just under 15m people voted for parties on the right that wanted to “get Brexit done,” while almost 17m people voted for parties on the left and centre that wanted it stopped. Yet, as we all know, we ended up with a House of Commons with a big pro-Brexit majority. How come?

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    Amr Diab And The Citroen Ad: Stop Normalising Sexual Harassment

    Closer home for this video, in Diab’s own native Egypt, a UN study in 2013 found that nearly all women in Egypt reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime.

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    We Surveyed Experts On Democracy. They’re Worried About The U.S. Turning Even More Authoritarian

    I am concerned about harm to liberal democracy at a 9. Particularly security institutions that lean towards one party or fail to enforce laws equally, which are pernicious. Far-right protests have become more violent in the U.S. in the last year—but police interventions have gone down.

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    Women & Leadership in a Challenging Period of Transition

    Start of 2021 the UK left the EU, and the Biden administration comes in and this really is in principle a moment to reorganize the so-called West. To reorganize those powers that have basically shaped the world since the end of the Second World War

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    The Last Thing Biden Needs

    Unfortunately, prospects for success in all four of these areas are limited. Domestic politics limit the administration's flexibility, and it's hard to imagine even the best deterrence and diplomacy strategy producing stable end states.

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    Lebanon In Crisis

    • Kim Ghattas
    • December 22, 2021
    • Connect the World (CNN International)

    Local Lebanese politicians are incapable or unwilling to come together to reform the country, to reform its institutions, to reform its politics and its economy. But I would put it in bigger terms and say that they're unwilling to do anything that would undermine their own grip on power

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