From Friend to Competitor: How Russia’s War Has Strengthened Venezuela’s Hand
Maduro will carry on pleasing Moscow with his talk of the fading hegemony of the West, all while restoring Venezuela’s economic ties with the United States. With no leverage to stop this rapprochement, the Kremlin will have no choice but to observe the developments from the sidelines.
Why Russia Keeps Insisting That Poland Is Preparing to Partition Ukraine
In the Kremlin’s twisted logic, Ukraine is an artificial construct, and only Russia—as the successor of the country that once granted Ukraine its current borders by seizing land from its neighbors—can now ensure the inviolability of Ukraine’s western territories.
Prigozhin vs. Petersburg Governor: What a Feud Reveals About Russia’s Power Vertical
The real intrigue in the public feud between Prigozhin and Beglov is why a notorious wartime figure portrayed as one of the most dangerous and powerful people in Russia cannot even resolve some trivial day-to-day issues in his hometown.
Why Is All Quiet on Russia’s Western Balkan Front?
Russia’s international reputation is already in tatters. The last thing it needs now is another humiliating blow that would expose how little sway it actually has over Balkan affairs as soon as its priorities diverge from those of its associates.
What Next for Ukraine’s Formerly Pro-Russian Regions?
No matter how the war in Ukraine ends, it’s very difficult to imagine the reemergence of pro-Russian political parties there, leaving a political void in the country’s southeast.
Will the Death of a Chief Diplomat Change Anything in Belarus?
Even before Makei’s sudden death, it was hard to see how Minsk could ever return to its multi-vector foreign policy as long as Lukashenko remains in power, not to mention while the fighting rages in Ukraine.
Could a Russia-Iran Gas Partnership Bear Fruit?
It might seem that for Iran, the West’s attempt to isolate Russia is a good opportunity to fill the resulting market gaps. In practice, however, it only creates new problems.
Dreams of Russia’s Future: The Irrevocable Divide Between Putin and the People
Russian society longs for a return to stability, but that is impossible under Putin, who now wants to be an operator for global instability.
Scientific Putinism: Shaping Official Ideology in Russia
Putin has managed to persuade a large section of Russians that the “special operation” of 2022 is a natural continuation of World War II. In essence, it is an existential war between the Russian civilization and the West.
The Growing Divide Between Lukashenko and the Belarusian Elite
In the eyes of the elite, Lukashenko no longer guarantees stability or solves their problems. On the contrary, he is increasingly a source of problems in his own right.
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