Can the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Survive the War With Russia?
The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has declared full independence from the Moscow Patriarchate, but for now that independence is recognized only by itself.
How 2022 Changed Regional Politics in Russia
The trends of 2022 in no way signal decentralization or re-federalization. Russia’s central government adheres to a simplified version of the Soviet model, which includes a rigid power vertical.
What the Kremlin Really Hoped to Achieve With Its Ceasefire Proposal
The aim of the ceasefire proposal was to force the Ukrainian army and politicians to reject it in view of the Ukrainian public, who are often left without electricity, water, heating, or transport by Russia’s bombing campaign.
How Russia’s War Is Impacting the Global Environmental Agenda
A fall in Russia’s GDP, decrease in its share in the global economy, and depopulation could all reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Russia, but can hardly be seen as genuine decarbonization.
Can Ukraine and Germany Overcome Their Disagreements Over Russia?
The problems in bilateral relations are unlikely to disappear any time soon. Ukraine won’t want to become another buffer zone separating Russia and the West, but that is the scenario Germany will give serious consideration, fearing another war or Moscow’s nuclear threats.
Russia Faces Three Pivotal Moments in 2023
In 2023, Russia faces three crucial issues—President Vladimir Putin’s plans for his future, the battle between the hawks and pragmatists in the elite, and looming government personnel changes—that could reshape the country.
Russia and Central Asia: Never Closer, or Drifting Apart?
Moscow had every opportunity to make the Central Asian nations gravitate toward it of their own accord. Yet now Russian soft power in Central Asia is dissipating before our eyes.
The Cost of War: Russian Economy Faces a Decade of Regress
The economy’s development will be in reverse for at least the next three to five years.
Podcast: Watching Russia From Afar
With many former Russia-based foreign correspondents and analysts now based abroad, what are the challenges in continuing to understand Russia?
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