The Risks of Russia’s Growing Dependence on the Yuan
Russia is swapping its dollar dependence for reliance on the yuan. Should relations with China deteriorate, Russia may face reserve losses and payment disruptions.
Podcast: What Next in Russia’s War Against Ukraine?
Podcast host Alexander Gabuev discusses what the next few months may have in store together with Dara Massicot, senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation, and Mark Galeotti, CEO of Mayak Intelligence.
Why the Russian Orthodox Church Supports the War in Ukraine
By using force to try to keep the splintering parts of the once-unified ROC together, Patriarch Kirill is only driving them away.
What the Wagner Mercenaries’ Row Reveals About Serbia’s Relations with Russia
The scandal has helped both countries to gain the kind of publicity they strived for without damaging their relationship.
How the War in Ukraine Is Boosting Russian Politicians’ Careers
Previously, ambitious members of the Russian elites climbed the career ladder by taking part in the Leaders of Russia contest and training programs for governors. Now the career pipeline runs through Ukraine, and anyone reluctant to radicalize will find themselves sidelined.
Small-Screen Predictions: Reading Russia Through Its Festive TV Shows
It’s important for the Kremlin to keep the average Russian from feeling like anything actually depends on them, so it is trying to create a semblance of normalcy at a time of war.
What the Return of Kremlin Ally Medvedchuk Means for the War in Ukraine
If no “party of peace” is emerging organically in Ukraine, Moscow appears prepared to create one artificially in order to hold peace talks with Medvedchuk instead of Zelensky: effectively, with itself.
Untarnished by War: Why Russia’s Soft Power Is So Resilient in Serbia
A recent poll showed that 46 percent of Serbs believe that their country should stay neutral in the Russia-Ukraine war, confirming that a balancing act appears to be the least costly strategy for the Serbian government.
Can the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Survive the War With Russia?
The Ukrainian Orthodox Church has declared full independence from the Moscow Patriarchate, but for now that independence is recognized only by itself.
How 2022 Changed Regional Politics in Russia
The trends of 2022 in no way signal decentralization or re-federalization. Russia’s central government adheres to a simplified version of the Soviet model, which includes a rigid power vertical.
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