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Judy Asks: Does the French Vote Weaken Europe?

Macron’s snap election has left France ill-equipped to provide strategic leadership to the EU. This undermines Europe’s ability to deal with the plethora of challenges it faces.

· July 11, 2024
Ukraine, Not Trump, Is NATO’s Achilles’ Heel

As NATO convenes in Washington, it faces internal tensions and Trump’s potential return as U.S. president. But it is the alliance’s approach to Russia that will determine the future of transatlantic security.

· July 9, 2024
Summer Suggestions: Mozart, Pekingology, and More

It’s that time of the year! Dip into the first batch of summer recommendations from Carnegie Europe’s scholars, friends, and colleagues. We hope you discover some real gems.

· July 4, 2024
The Double-Edged Sword of Celebrity Activism

Celebrities face mounting pressure to speak out on social and political issues. While doing so entails risks, staying silent can also be a poisoned chalice.

  • Indre Krivaite
· July 2, 2024
Judy Asks: Will Enlargement Spur EU Reform?

To prepare for a larger union, the EU needs institutional reform. But enlargement and deeper integration have always gone hand in hand and should not be seen as mutually exclusive.

· June 27, 2024
France’s High-Stakes Election Showdown

With a snap legislative election approaching, French politics is in turmoil. The vote’s outcome will impact the nation’s role in Europe, NATO, and transatlantic relations.

  • François Heisbourg
· June 25, 2024
Europe’s New Leadership Faces a Teamwork Test

The incoming EU leadership will have to navigate political turbulence and internal power dynamics. Working together as a real team would help in tackling the challenges ahead.

· June 20, 2024
The Timely Revival of the Weimar Triangle

France, Germany, and Poland have concrete ideas for making EU foreign policy more coherent and effective. The union’s incoming leadership should use these proposals to strengthen the bloc.

· June 18, 2024
Judy Asks: Is the EU’s Agenda in Jeopardy?

A stronger far-right presence in the European Parliament could put a brake on some EU policies. But the main test to the bloc’s stability and global role may come from the rise of nationalist politics in France and Germany.

· June 13, 2024
Zelensky’s Diplomatic Offensive

This week’s political conferences will highlight Ukraine’s threefold challenge of wartime resilience, recovery, and EU accession. Kyiv’s partners must adjust to thinking in all three dimensions simultaneously.

· June 11, 2024