Momentum in the trajectory of the war in Ukraine is shifting in Kyiv’s favor. Russia’s response to the rout of its forces has been swift: “partial” mobilization, a headlong push to annex Russian-occupied territories, and the brandishing of Russia’s nuclear arsenal.  

But nothing is predictable about this war.  Mobilization is sparking widespread anger and protests. Russians are finally waking up to the horrors of war now that their sons’ and husbands’ lives are at stake. What will the Kremlin do next? Is Putin’s regime threatened at home? What is Kyiv’s strategy after the recent stunning successes? What do these events mean for the U.S. and the West? 

Please join Carnegie’s Alexander Baunov and Alexander Gabuev and Andrea Kendall-Taylor of the Center for a New American Security for an in-depth conversation about these developments and the outlook for the near future. The conversation will be moderated by Michael Crowley.