Speakers: Lloyd Cutler, Willmer, Cutler & Pickering; Susan Eisenhower, President of the Eisenhower Institute

Co-Chairs: Rose Gottemoeller, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Leonard Spector, Deputy Director, Center for Nonproliferation Studies, MIIS

This event presents a special briefing of the recently released, high-level study entitled "A Report Card on the Department of Energy's Non-Proliferation Programs with Russia" (the report's Appendices are listed separately). Issued on January 10, 2001, the bipartisan study reviewed U.S. Department of Energy programs on nuclear material protection, control and accounting; the disposal of excess plutonium and highly enriched uranium; programs to address the "brain drain" of former Soviet weapons scientists (Initiatives for Proliferation Prevention and the Nuclear Cities Initiative); and nuclear safety.

The group, which included former Senators Howard Baker, Sam Nunn and Alan Simpson, and former Congressmen Butler Derrick, Lee Hamilton and David Skaggs, concluded that weak protection of nuclear weapons and material was "the most urgent unmet national security threat to the United States today." The group proposed that the new administration develop a strategic plan to address the problem on an accelerated basis, and suggested the budget for these programs reach $3 billion annually.

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