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After days of listening to reports on the recent terrorist attacks in NYC and Washington DC, I?ve become appalled and frustrated by the continuing absence of discussion from American leaders and media about the possibility of peaceful resolution. I turned to the Internet to find like-minded individuals and organizations who would also recognize this time as an opportunity to address the possibility of a new course for the world's habitual cycle of nationalism, religious separatism and violence. How sad to then come to the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and read Robert Kagan's article strongly advocating that war is our only option.

"Is this person's article in the Washington Post of September 12, 2001, pg A31, supposed to be an indication of how your organization is attempting to promote world peace? Please let me know since the article seems bent in the opposite direction and at a time when cool heads should prevail."

"You people should be ashamed of this article. It contradicts your name, doesn't it? How about asking why the US trained people like Bin Laden and suggesting that it stop?"

"Mr. Robert Kagan and Mr. Joseph Cirincione: How dare you. What a disgusting display of ridiculous, bullheaded patriotism. You dare to call yourselves an Endowment for International Peace. What filth you spit from your horrible mouths, calling for "justice". You say that "the only thing we now can do" is "go to war with those who have launched this awful war against us." What hypocritical nonsense. Worry about the people in our country: assist those injured by the devastation, sand behind the doctors, firefighters, and others who are giving their desperately needed services, and support those who have lost loved ones in the attacks. Only a few short hours after the destruction, and already we are pointing fingers, reverting to the vain and childish retort of "he hit me, so I'll hit him back." Is this what our prized public education system is teaching us? Is this the attitude and moral concept we pass to our children? Have we learned nothing from the terrible suffering of those precious human beings whose lives were lost on Tuesday? It is not justice to impose on others the same frightening terrors that have been done to us: it makes one a low, dirty creature with no sense of honor or human dignity. The Nazis thought they were doing a good thing when the sacrificed thousands of human lives. Can't we learn from other's mistakes? Or are we still the little children, uneducated, uncivilized, ignorant and cruel? How dare you disgrace the precious concept of Peace. Obviously, nothing will change the mindset of my chauvinistic, self-important fellow Americans. However, perhaps I can plant a seed of truth that will, perhaps, blossom into a sense of understanding for you. Either that or twist into a thorny vine of guilt as you see the chaos and destruction that follows at War's side. "

"I believe the saying attributed to Davy Crockett applies to events of this week. Be sure you are right, then go ahead. I believe the world was holding its' collective breath Tuesday. The world does not want a nuclear war, either by design or accident. There were events behind Pearl Habor. Political decisions were made by FDR. Decisions proved to be the correct ones, and those being Europe could not and would not win WWll without the US being involved. Today debates arise as to whether FDR knew of Japans' pending attack on Pearl Habor. Facts seem to point that he did. FDR sacrificed 2500 men in favor of two-hundred million plus people and no world Nazi world rule. A tough call to make, but a call that the big chair does and can call for. I ask you, did someone make that call this week? I think someone did. The nations of the world have now the opportunity to end the Palestine/Israel confict now, and put in place real protection against terrorism. I hope and pray it is done, for all of us, but lets' be right first, then go ahead."

Do I misunderstand your organization's mission? How does Robert Kagan's op-ed fit with the goal of world peace?!?! If we "hunt down" and act out our own war on people who may be responsible for yesterday's tragedy, more will replace them and find ways to kill more people. It's similar to the saying - if we live by "an eye for an eye," we'll all end up blind. I would expect your group to have commentary more similar to what ran on The Nation, quoting Mario Cuomo. taken from: http://www.thenation.com/thebeat/ In addition to responding to the horrific tragedy of this moment, Cuomo said, America must move to counter the ongoing "quiet tragedies" of poverty, inadequate health care and other unmet basic needs around the world. That response to human need, Cuomo says, is a vital tool in any realistic struggle against terrorism, since denial and disenfranchisement can breed terrorism.

"The latest attack on U.S by terrorists has me proven right . During the December 1999 hijacking I said that, in future, the terrorists will be using robots. As in military, the aim will be to have maximum loss to enemy and minimum loss to ourselves, and they will be using the humans for further research on different fields like artificial intelligance, chemical, biological, nuclear etc. They had taken first step towards that by giving training of commercial pilot. That 's why the terrorists has disconnected the transponder. So that the pilot is not able to give four digit code to Air Traffic Controller for indicating hijacking. Therefore I earnestly solicit all the thinks tanks to co-operate with India in this regard. During the visit of Gen.Henry Shelton,U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, he said there will be further strengthening of Military Ties between U.S. and India. I hope so. With deep condolences to the families, U.S. people and U.S.Government."