On November 16-17, the China Program sponsored a two-day conference, "China after the 16th Party Congress," at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Twelve leading political scientists, economists, and sociologists from China, the United States, Hong Kong, and Singapore met to discuss recent trends in the Chinese economy, politics, society, and foreign policy.


Biographies of Participants



1) "Political Reform, Political Repression and Political Openness: China's Political Development and Various Challenges"

2) "Current 'Sultanization' of Local Politics in China: Trends, Discussion and Analysis"

3) "Changes in the Foundations of Social Classes and the Chinese Communist Party's Transition"

4) "The Political Challenges Confronting China's New Leaders" - Summary of Discussion


1) "China's Most Important Economic Challenge: Financial Reform" - Summary of Discussion


1) "Mechanisms and Logic: Research Regarding China's Social Stability"

2) "Societal Problems of a New Era" - Summary of Discussion

Foreign Relations

1) "External Difficulties Confronting China and the Challenges Facing China's New Leaders"

2) "Challenges to China's Foreign Relations" - Summary of Discussion