How crisis in Russian regions has been developing in economic, financial, social, political aspects? What are the connections between social, political, and economic dimensions of the crisis in Russia? Where are crisis risks most significant? These issues were discussed at the seminar “Regions of Russia in Crisis Conditions” at the Carnegie Moscow Center on November 5, 2009, as part of the “Crisis in Russia: Regional Dimension” monitoring project.

Natalia Zubarevich (Independent Institute for Social Policy) analyzed regional trends in industry, public sector, employment and consumption in autumn 2009. Olga Vorontsova (expert on budget issues) reported on the federal government’s budget policy and regional policies in crisis conditions. Igor Zadorin (ZIRCON Research Group) presented results of a poll “Interregional Analysis of Crisis Perception” carried out by Group 7/89 and by regional participants of CASE (Centers for Advanced Studies and Education) Program. Mikhail Vinogradov (Petersburg Politics Foundation) identified regions with the highest political risks.

Nikolay Petrov and Alexei Titkov moderated the seminar.