Speaking on FM4 ORF Austrian Radio, Carnegie's Frederic Wehrey explained that, with violence in Syria continuing to spiral to dramatic levels, a host of possible military actions are being considered. In particular, many are discussing implementing a no-fly zone. However, Wehrey noted, “no-fly zones are often the gateway drug to regime change. Once put in place it’s very difficult to say when you have achieved your goal, you become wedded to events on the ground and eventually become involved on the ground.” Aside from protecting innocent civilian,s a host of other considerations must be taken into account, he continued. In Syria, the possibility of any sort of American intervention—whether a no-fly zone or ground intervention—would undoubtedly rally jihadist elements, much as it did in Iraq. Wehrey stated that if he could advise on President Obama on how the U.S. should operate moving forward, he would stress “less of a focus on intervention and more planning for the day after the fall of the regime.”