Indonesia’s recent legislative election results were not as clear cut as opinion polls forecasted. Will this mean a splintered parliament and a coalition government that struggles to enact much-needed reforms? Or could a decisive win in the presidential elections give Indonesia’s next leader a clear political mandate for change? 

R. William Liddle, a renowned expert on Indonesian politics, answered the questions surrounding Indonesia’s ongoing 2014 elections. Carnegie’s Vikram Nehru moderated.

This event was cosponsored by the United States-Indonesia Society and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies

R. William Liddle

R. William Liddle is professor emeritus of political science at Ohio State University and a specialist on Southeast Asian, particularly Indonesian, politics. His current research focuses on political leadership, voting behavior, and popular attitudes toward Islamic politics in Indonesia.

Vikram Nehru

Vikram Nehru is a senior associate in the Carnegie Asia Program. An expert on development economics, growth, poverty reduction, debt sustainability, governance, and the performance and prospects of East Asia, his research focuses on the economic, political, and strategic issues confronting Asia, particularly Southeast Asia.