Over the past two hundred years, the Western Pacific has been the stage for war, peace, development, modernization, and prosperity. Its rich resources and vital shipping lanes are essential to the well-being of all countries within its bounds. Admiral Tomohisa Takei, chief of staff for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, will discuss the development of the U.S.-Japan relationship, Japan’s role in the region, and the future of a rules-based international order in the Indo-Pacific. Carnegie’s vice president for studies, Thomas Carothers, will moderate.

Admiral Tomohisa Takei

Admiral Tomohisa Takei is chief of staff for the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF). Previously he was vice chief of staff of the JMSDF and served as commandant of the Yokosuka and Ominato districts. He also served as director general of the operations and plans department of the Maritime Staff Office. 

Thomas Carothers

Thomas Carothers is vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He is a leading authority on international support for democracy, human rights, governance, comparative democratization, and U.S. foreign policy relating to democracy and human rights.