Carnegie's Amr Hamzawy took part of the TEDx Talks during TEDxMidAtlantic. Hamzawy states that in order to provide freedom of speech for all citizens, governments needto have stable institutions and ruling elites that govern based on a democratic mandate. He remarks that these factors were missing during the Arab uprisings. Hamzawy continues to say that in 2011, Egyptians were trying to get their government to listen.

Hamzawy notes that unless a government has popular acceptance it will end up in a relationship of based on fear with its citizens. And when the government puts forward repressive measures the citizens will eventually resist and take to the streets instead of the election booths. Hamzawy points out that during the Arab uprisings, citizens tried to keep their protests non-violent in 2011 and 2012; but in the last 3 years, there was an increase in violence in the Arab world.

He also discusses the younger generation of Arab citizens' use of social media to generate information, express their opinions, and demand change peacefully. He concludes that there is more vibrant dynamism taking place outside of the political sphere as young citizens have realized that change through institutions is not possible.

This talk was first published on TEDxTalks YouTube channel.