Speaking on CGTN’s The Point, moderated by Liu Xin, Carnegie’s Ashley Tellis argued that during Xi Jinping’s visit with Donald Trump, the two leaders should focus on building personal chemistry and a general understanding of their worldviews.

He went on to discuss how an improving relationship between the United States and China can bring stability to the region, which could benefit countries like India. Right now, countries feel torn between the two nations, but there are opportunities to be gained from maintaining an economic relationship with both.

That being said, Tellis continued, Trump’s “America First,” strategy could cause challenges for many in the region, especially in terms of bilateral economic relations, as the United States may begin requiring more reciprocity. But on average, he said, India will likely gain from “America First,” because there is a general consensus that maintaining a good relationship with India is essential for maintaining balance in Asia.

Tellis concluded by arguing that China is likely perceived as a greater threat in India than it actually is, and that all countries must be open about their plans and actions to build trust in the region.

This interview was originally broadcast by CGTN.