The recent Carnegie report, Revitalizing Palestinian Nationalism: Options Versus Realities, argues that while Palestinian identity remains strong, its national institutions face a crisis of confidence. With the viability of the two-state solution increasingly in doubt and Palestinians geographically and politically divided, the report—based on a survey of fifty-eight leading Palestinian thinkers—examines possible policy alternatives and the prospects of institutional revival. A series of Palestinian commentaries explore topics ranging from youth polarization to changing Palestinian relations with Arab states.

In this supplemental collection of essays, Carnegie provides regional perspectives on the Palestinian question from Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. Two Carnegie authors illustrate how relations with Palestine influence, and are influenced by, domestic politics in Jordan and Egypt. Just as the Palestinian commentaries highlight a wide range of perspectives and outlooks, two Israeli commentaries show how different political outlooks in Israel are adapting to changing circumstances in Palestine.

Carnegie does not take institutional positions on public policy issues, and the views represented in the commentaries that follow do not necessarily reflect those of Carnegie, its staff, or its trustees.