Following the hottest year in global history, 2020 is on track to surpass that 2019 record, with soaring temperatures already detected across the world's ocean. Rising sea temperatures, coupled with the impact of melting sea ice, depleting fish stocks, and more vulnerable marine environments, indicate the world's ocean is under immense stress and capable of magnifying already severe consequences of climate change around the world. 

How can the United States and the European Union best lead and steward global efforts to prevent natural disasters by protecting our fragile ocean, including its high seas that are owned by no one, but shared by everyone?

Join two prominent American and European environmental leaders, Secretary John Kerry and Commissioner Virginijus Sinkevičius, for an in-depth transatlantic exchange on the future of our oceans, the planet, and life as we know it. 

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William J. Burns

William J. Burns is the President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He previously served as U.S. Deputy Secretary of State. 

John Kerry

John Kerry is a visiting distinguished statesman at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He served as U.S. Secretary of State from 2013 to 2017.

Virginijus Sinkevičius

Virginijus Sinkevičius is the European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans, and Fisheries.    

Monica Medina

Monica Medina is the founder and publisher of Our Daily Planetan environmental e-mail newsletter, and an independent consultant.