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New leadership in the United States and Japan marks a potential shift in the U.S.-Japan alliance regarding China. After often challenging policy coordination during the Trump administration’s severe China policy and worsening Japanese public opinion on China, some change is likely. While fierce competition with China is still expected, how it is managed—and where opportunities for cooperation exist—are key questions. How should Biden’s United States and Suga’s Japan approach vital trade, security, diplomatic, and human rights issues with China?

Join us as Nobukatsu Kanehara, Akio Takahara, Amy Searight, and Patricia M. Kim confer with James L. Schoff and Matake Kamiya on the evolving Japanese and American perspectives toward China and prospects in the year ahead.

This event is cosponsored by the Japan Forum on International Relations.

*This event will be conducted in English and Japanese with simultaneous interpretation.

**This event coincides with the release of two new policy briefs published via this collaborative project “China Risk and China Opportunity for the U.S.-Japan Alliance.”