The United States and India have grown increasingly close. But even as Washington’s ambitions for the partnership expand exponentially, India’s foreign policy is in transition. New Delhi is weighing its options in a world of multiple poles and greater choices. And some, including its foreign minister, argue it should advance its interests by “identifying and exploiting opportunities created by global contradictions.” Meanwhile, India seeks strategic and economic opportunities in an Asia that is increasingly organized on a pan-Asian basis—sometimes without the United States. 

What kind of strategic partner can India be for Washington in a more pan-Asian Asia? In the second of the event series, “A New Order for the U.S. and Asia,” three veteran policymakers and analysts—Suhasini Haidar, Shyam Saran, and Ashley J. Tellis—sit down with Evan Feigenbaum to explore the options, opportunities, and constraints for America and India in this dynamic region.