On November 28, Kyrgyzstan returned to the polls for the third time this year to vote for its new parliament. A recast of the previously failed 2020 parliamentary vote, this round had an auspicious sense of déjà-vu with allegations of voter irregularities, a large number of ballots deemed invalid, and last-minute unexplained shifts in vote tally by the Central Election Commission. 

Kyrgyz President Sadyr Japarov’s populist government emerged a clear winner with pro-government parties and candidates claiming majority of the parliamentary seats. Yet, many in the opposition and civil society refuse to accept it, raising political tensions in the country.  

This election is just the latest stumble in the country’s democratic path. Is there a way forward for the country’s fractured political system? What are the consequences of the tumult surrounding these latest elections? Join us for a public discussion of what is at stake for Kyrgyzstan. 

This event is held in partnership with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.