Time is running out to make substantial strides in the global fight against climate change. From droughts to landslides to deadly wildfires, the world is already reaping the costs of climate change—and it’s only just beginning. Even more calamitous are the ensuing mass migrations, famines, and deadly conflicts that will stem from climate change.

Meanwhile, the geopolitical landscape has become increasingly fraught with Russia’s war in Ukraine, U.S.-China competition, and political turmoil in countless countries worldwide. Given this tense state of global politics, how realistic is it to expect nations to work together to mitigate the climate crisis? Will nations live up to their commitments to reduce emissions and accelerate a green transition? And how can institutions like the UN hold nations accountable?

Join Carnegie for a conversation featuring Sue Biniaz and Tino Cuéllar on the state of play for climate change and what steps communities, nations, and institutions can take to preserve our shared future.