On July 20, Italy’s government collapsed after right-wing lawmakers staged a walkout from a vote of confidence for Prime Minister Mario Draghi. As elections approach in less than ten days, the right-wing Fratelli d’Italia led by Giorgia Meloni is widely expected to seize the premiership, in a coalition including other parties on the Italian right with well known links to Russia. What does a Meloni-led government look like for Italy and for Europe as a whole? What does this mean for human rights in Italy, and for the transatlantic relationship? Will coalition parties' ties with Putin steer Italy away from its support of Ukraine? And how might the U.S.-Italy relationship change as a result of the elections?

Join Carnegie for a special event featuring former U.S. ambassador to Italy John Phillips, POLITICO journalist Hannah Roberts, and Carnegie Europe director Rosa Balfour on the state of play in Italy's upcoming elections.