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Daniel Levy is the president of the U.S. / Middle East Project.

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Navigating Discourses on Israel and Palestine: Civic Space, Expression, and Dialogue in Challenging Times
November 30, 2023

Join the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace for a conversation about the limits of free speech in times of conflict.

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The Outside World Must Walk Israel Back From the Abyss. It Cannot Be Part of the Choir of Incitement

If the world can hold to three important truths, then it will be possible to prevent further casualties, secure the release of prisoners, and step back from the precipice.

· October 14, 2023
Irish Times
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Biden’s Old Playbook Won’t End Israeli-Palestinian Violence

Absent a change in the U.S. approach, renewed conflict is inevitable, and with each iteration the terms of engagement will deteriorate further and the United States will be left carrying an ever-heavier Middle Eastern burden as it seeks to focus its energy elsewhere.

· May 13, 2021
A New U.S. Approach to Israel-Palestine
April 20, 2021

Please join co-author Marwan Muasher, Zaha Hassan, and Daniel Levy for the Launch of a report calling for a new U.S. approach to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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Breaking the Israel-Palestine Status Quo

A new U.S. approach should prioritize protecting the rights and human security of Palestinians and Israelis over maintaining a peace process and attempting short-term fixes.

· April 19, 2021
Is a Sovereign Palestine Still Possible?
October 11, 2018

What will the recent changes in U.S. policy—including recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, terminating assistance to Palestinians and UNRWA, and closing the Palestinian representative office in Washington—mean for the future of U.S.-Palestinian relations and the Palestinian national project?

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Can Syria and Israel be Serious about Peace? And What Should the U.S. Do About It?
September 25, 2008

The status of Golan Heights remains the last major disputed land issue between Israel and its neighbors, outside of its conflict with the Palestinians. Indirect talks between Syria and Israel have set the stage for starting meaningful negotiations, but their success depends heavily on U.S. direct involvement.

The Peace Process Has No Clothes
June 25, 2007

On June 25, Carnegie senior associate Nathan Brown presented his commentary "The Peace Process Has No Clothes: The Decay of the Palestinian Authority and the International Response." Daniel Levy of the New American Foundation served as discussant and Marina Ottaway moderated.