Heewon Park
Digital Producer


Heewon Park is a digital producer at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. She was previously a James C. Gaither Junior Fellow in the Carnegie Democracy, Conflict and Governance Program.

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Food Security Reimagined

For the world to meet its climate goals, it needs to undergo a partial shift away from traditional meat toward alternative proteins. But who would be the winners and losers of a global protein transition? In Episode 6, we investigate what this transition might look like and what it could mean for national security and geopolitics.

· March 12, 2024
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Consider the Lobster

The lobster’s transformation from disdained prison food to fine-dining delicacy reveals important lessons about how culture shapes our palate. In Episode 5, we look to the future of alternative proteins—from bean burgers to lab-grown nuggets—and ask what it would look like to live in a world less centered on traditional meat production.

· March 5, 2024
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Uncle Sam and the Magic Beanstalk

The soybean is more than just a humble legume—it’s a major geopolitical player that feeds the international meat market, shapes trade wars, and transforms economies. In Episode 4, we tell the story of how the soybeans have shaped the geopolitical behavior of what some call “the Meat Triangle”: the United States, Brazil, and China.

· February 27, 2024
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How to Launder a Cow

You’ve probably heard of money laundering. But while some launder dirty cash, others launder cows. Episode 3 tells the story of one Brazilian company’s entanglement with the smuggling and selling of illegal cattle throughout the Amazon—and explores how big meat companies around the world use their power to undermine climate goals.

· February 20, 2024
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Hog Country

With its lax child labor laws and lack of environmental restrictions, the American farming industry operates in a uniquely under-regulated environment. Why? Episode 1 explores the history of agricultural exceptionalism and how it impacts North Carolina residents living close to factory farms.

· February 13, 2024
Trouble in the Blue House | Behind Closed Doors

Episode 3 follows the story of "South Korea's Watergate" and assesses the role of accountability in safeguarding democratic norms.

· July 31, 2023
Turning Points: The Junior Fellows’ Compendium

The role of young people in governance and policy is often overlooked. Nine Carnegie junior fellows share their perspectives on challenges facing our world today.

Seeing the Monster | Behind Closed Doors

Episode 2 of "Behind Closed Doors" dissects the biggest corruption cases in history and explores the aftermath of these scandals.

· July 24, 2023
If Men Were Angels, We Wouldn't Need Government | Behind Closed Doors

Episode 1 unpacks the political scandal surrounding former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich, and explores the tools used by leaders to receive preferential treatment.

· July 17, 2023