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Is the Planet on the Ballot?

Olivia Lazard and Rod Schoonover discuss how this year’s elections in the EU and the United States will shape global climate policies, stressing the urgent need for transformative action amid increasing planetary insecurity.

· Jun. 20, 2024

Richard Youngs and Thomas Carothers discuss the future of the global democratic agenda and take stock of what Brussels and Washington can do to support it.

· May. 15, 2024

Thomas de Waal and Fiona Hill discuss Russia’s changing status in its neighboring countries and the factors shaping their relationship with Moscow—and the West.

· Apr. 17, 2024

Rosa Balfour and Stefan Lehne discuss why the radical right is on the rise in Europe, how this trend might impact EU policies, and what can be done to contain it.

· Mar. 20, 2024

Marc Pierini and Sinan Ülgen analyze the lead-up to the Turkish municipal elections in March 2024, the sustainability of Ankara’s balancing act between Russia and the West, and the future of Turkey’s relations with Brussels and Washington.

· Feb. 14, 2024

Dimitar Bechev and Oana Popescu-Zamfir discuss the social and political dynamics in the Western Balkans, why EU enlargement to the region has stalled, and how remaining obstacles can be overcome.

· Jan. 17, 2024

Pierre Vimont and Amr Hamzawy take stock of Europe’s response to the Israel-Hamas war and provide insights into how Brussels should navigate evolving geopolitical challenges in the Middle East.

· Dec. 13, 2023

Russia’s war against Ukraine reveals much about the use of cyber capabilities in warfare and the evolving roles of states, international organizations, and the private sector in securing the digital realm.

· Nov. 8, 2023

Lizza Bomassi and Elina Noor explore the nature and future of the partnership between Europe and Southeast Asia.

· Oct. 11, 2023

Judy Dempsey and Marie Yovanovitch assess Western support for Ukraine’s war effort, the country’s democratic transition, and the prospects for peace.

Rosa Balfour and Stefan Lehne discuss how the EU’s institutional and political dynamics are shaping its role in an increasingly chaotic and contested global order.

· Jun. 14, 2023

Thomas de Waal and Dimitar Bechev unpack the geopolitical implications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine for the Black Sea states, from Turkey’s mediating role and the UN-brokered grain deal that is helping to feed the world, to growing EU and NATO interest in the region.

· May. 10, 2023

Europe’s approach to Iran has focused mainly on the nuclear dossier, largely neglecting human rights and socioeconomic issues. To ensure a brighter future for all Iranians, the EU must place women’s rights at the center of a new comprehensive strategy toward Tehran.

· Apr. 12, 2023

Judy Dempsey and Sophia Besch discuss the major shifts in Germany's security and defense policy, which have been spurred by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

· Mar. 8, 2023

Gwendolyn Sasse and Yuliya Bidenko examine Ukraine’s recent history and discuss the role of civilian resistance in opposing Russian forces and rebuilding the country.

· Feb. 8, 2023

Sinan Ülgen and Marc Pierini assess the state of Turkish politics and economics and discuss the implications of political change ahead of the country’s elections.

· Jan. 18, 2023

Rosa Balfour and Dan Baer discuss how the European Union and the United States can improve transatlantic coordination on Russia, trade, and China.

· Dec. 14, 2022

Richard Youngs and Rachel Kleinfeld analyze the state of democracy in the United States and Europe and look toward the future of international democracy support.

Olivia Lazard and Noah Gordon discuss transatlantic efforts to navigate the geopolitics of climate, the energy transition’s blind spots, and what to look forward to at COP27.

· Oct. 12, 2022

Rosa Balfour and Thomas de Waal discuss Russia’s war in Ukraine, what the West got wrong, and how it is transforming EU policies.

· Sep. 14, 2022