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Each week, Milan Vaishnav and his guests from around the world break down the latest developments in Indian politics, economics, foreign policy, society, and culture for a global audience. Grand Tamasha is a co-production of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Hindustan Times.

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The Dilemma of an Indian Liberal

Leading author and thinker Gucharan Das joins Milan Vaishnav for Grand Tamasha's season finale. Das shares his personal journey to becoming a liberal, which largely mirrors India's own democratic struggle.

· Jun. 25, 2024

Sadanand Dhume and Tanvi Madan join Milan Vaishnav to discuss the outcomes and aftermath of India’s 2024 election.

· Jun. 18, 2024

Trinh Nguyen joins Milan Vaishnav to discuss the steps that the third Modi government must take in response to the country's broader economic challenges.

· Jun. 11, 2024

Milan Vaishnav joins Sunetra Choudhury and Rahul Verma for a timely analysis of the latest results from India's general election, focusing on the BJP's unexpected losses.

  • Sunetra Choudhury
  • Rahul Verma
· Jun. 5, 2024

Scholar Christophe Jaffrelot joins Milan Vaishnav to discuss his new book, Gujarat Under Modi: Laboratory of Today's India, an analysis of how Modi's tenure as chief minister of the state set the stage for his political career.

Economist Karthik Muralidharan joins Milan Vaishnav to discuss his latest book, Accelerating India's Development: A State-Led Roadmap for Effective Governance, a deep dive into the challenges of governance & delivering public services.

· May. 21, 2024

Economist Rohit Lamba joins Milan Vaishnav to discuss his new book Breaking the Mould: India’s Untraveled Path to Prosperity, an exploration of India's development and possible avenues for reform.

· May. 14, 2024

Journalist Samanth Subramanian joins Milan Vaishnav to analyze Rahul Gandhi's vision for India and the tensions within the Congress Party.

· May. 7, 2024

What's is the BJP's campaign strategy? Journalist Smriti Kak Ramachandran sits down with Milan Vaishnav to provide the latest analysis on the BJP's campaign to cement national support while India's elections unfold.

· Apr. 30, 2024

Has India eliminated extreme poverty? Academic economist Maitreesh Ghatak joins Milan Vaishnav to discuss where India stands in its economic development and quest to decrease poverty across the country.

· Apr. 23, 2024

Editor-in-chief of the Hindustan Times Sukumar Ranganathan joins Milan Vaishnav to preview India's upcoming general elections and the implications of a likely third term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

· Apr. 16, 2024

What is the state of India's nuclear strategy? Carnegie fellow Ankit Panda joins Milan Vaishnav to analyze key developments in India's missile program and where it stands in the new "missile age" of the Indo-Pacific.

· Apr. 9, 2024

Economist Pranjul Bhandari sits down with Milan Vaishnav to dissect the state of the Indian economy, from forecasting inflation to the minute details of India's annual budget.

· Apr. 2, 2024

Historian Janaki Bakhle joins the show to explore the life of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and his lasting impact on Indian politics and ideological thought.

· Mar. 26, 2024

M. Mohsin Alam Bhat joins Milan Vaishnav to discuss the controversial exclusion of Muslims from India's Citizenship Amendment Act. What does this mean in terms of constitutionality and implementation?

· Mar. 19, 2024

Novelist Zac O'Yeah connects with Milan to share his insights from his culinary adventure across India and what the country's unique dishes reveal about its culture and people.

· Mar. 12, 2024

D. Shyam Babu appears on the show this week to share the immense changes that have occurred in the lives of Dalits, one of South Asia's most oppressed groups, within the last few decades.

· Mar. 5, 2024

The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that electoral bonds are unconstitutional. What does this mean for political funding? Host of the DAKSH Podcast Leah Verghese joins Milan Vaishnav to analyze the court's ruling and its implications on campaign finance in India.

· Feb. 27, 2024

Constantino Xavier joins Milan Vaishnav to assess the Modi government's approach to managing India's relationship with its neighbors across the Indo-Pacific.

A tumultuous election cycle has just concluded in Pakistan, with surprising results and concerning allegations of vote rigging. Zoha Waseem joins the show to dissect the innerworkings of this election.

· Feb. 13, 2024

Journalists Mariyam Alavi and Supriya Sharma join Milan Vaishnav to explore harmful allegations of "love jihad" spreading across India and the proliferation of conspiracy theories in political discourse today.

· Feb. 6, 2024

Scholar and author Pranay Kotasthane connects with Milan Vaishnav to spotlight the emerging geopolitical race over semiconductors. What is the significance of this technology and where does India stand in this race?

· Jan. 30, 2024

Season 11 of Grand Tamasha kicks off with Rahul Matthan joining Milan Vaishnav for an exploration of India's approach to digital public infrastructure governance.

· Jan. 23, 2024

Jayita Sarkar uncovers how India built its nuclear program from the ground up and challenges the conventional wisdom that India's nuclear ambitions were an inward-looking endeavor of secretive technocrats.

· Mar. 21, 2023