Saudi Arabia

  • Commentary

    Iran Feels Cornered by the Biden Administration

    All of this regional activity is happening with the U.S. quietly coordinating in the background, encouraging some moves while discouraging or ignoring others (such as the overtures to Assad), but overall engaging in much more diplomacy across the region ahead of the nuclear talks with Iran that resumed this week after a five-month hiatus.

  • Diwan

    Beirut for Ma’rib?

    Rising pressure against Lebanon from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states may well be tied to Hezbollah’s role in Yemen.

  • Commentary

    Russia Is No Mideast Superpower

    There is no question that Washington’s position in the broader Middle East was dented by the fiasco in Afghanistan. Ultimately, however, U.S. assets in the region are still unrivaled: the United States’ political and economic influence, hard power, soft power, embrace of multilateral diplomacy, and leadership of a rules-based global order continue to give it the upper hand over all its rivals.

  • Diwan

    Kingdom Come

    Saudi Arabia’s refusal to deal with Lebanon represents a political opportunity cost in its rivalry with Iran.

  • Diwan

    Pivoting Away From America

    Regional and international actors are accumulating cards to engage in a new Middle Eastern power game.

  • Diwan

    Polyvalent Prime Minister

    Mustapha al-Kadhimi’s promotion of regional dialogue allows him to address Iraq’s many vulnerabilities.

  • Diwan

    Battle of the Barrels

    The ongoing Saudi-Emirati spat over oil output reflects a wider change in regional power dynamics.

  • Multimedia

    What's Behind the Dispute Between Saudi Arabia and the UAE?

    A recent dispute at an OPEC+ meeting, has exposed the growing strains between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

  • Commentary

    Border Crossings, Roads, and Regional Politics in Iraq

    Border crossings and cross-border connections have become essential components in the growing regional contest for influence in Iraq.

    • July 06, 2021
    • Al-Jazeera
    Bader Al-Saif
    What's Behind the Dispute Between Saudi Arabia and the UAE?
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    • May 04, 2021
    • Hoover Institution
    Kim Ghattas
    The Competition Between Saudi Arabia And Iran Since 1979
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    • March 01, 2021
    • KPCC
    Aaron David Miller
    The Future of U.S.-Saudi Relations Following Report Tying Khashoggi Killing Approval To Crown Prince
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