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    The Other Britain Waiting to Surface

    Boris Johnson ignores the old truth that blaming scapegoats is one way to a run a campaign but no way to run a country. While this lasts, the flame of rational, outward-looking patriotism must be kept alight by Britain’s civil society.

  • Commentary

    Why Are British Indian Voters Abandoning Labour?

    British Indians, much like the rest of the country, are preoccupied with the economy and healthcare. Though disappointed with the record of Boris Johnson’s government, many are also critical of Labour policies. Indeed, the most common reason that British Indians do not identify with the Labour party is the perception that it is too influenced by socialism.

  • Research

    Britain’s New Swing Voters? A Survey of British Indian Attitudes

    As the demographic weight and political influence of British Indians in the United Kingdom continue to increase, this study provides an empirically robust and analytically nuanced picture of the attitudes of this increasingly important demographic

  • Commentary

    Despite the Paterson Case, Our MPs Are Less Dishonest Than We Assume

    • November 09, 2021
    • Prospect Magazine

    Transparency is the problem. What was intended to be a guarantee of good behaviour—that transgressions would be uncovered and punished, and hence deterred from happening in the first place—has turned into a production line generating a succession of scandals.

  • Commentary

    The Northern Ireland Troubles Return with a Brexit Breakdown

    "The problem with compromise is that if that side, to whom you're making the compromise, feels that you're getting weak then they will demand more compromises"

  • Strategic Europe

    Why Northern Ireland Matters for Europe

    Because of Brexit, a peace accord that ended decades of conflict in Northern Ireland is hanging by a thread. The stability of this part of Europe depends on the EU and Britain finding a compromise.

  • Commentary

    A Better Australia Sub Deal

    We need an outcome where Australia gets the silent long-running submarines it needs; the United States, Britain and France get a strategic partner in the Indo-Pacific; and NATO Europe and the nuclear nonproliferation regime come away stronger.

  • Strategic Europe

    The Hollowness of Global Britain

    Illusions about the UK’s special relationship with the United States and a supposedly painless Brexit have been shed. The inability of Boris Johnson’s government to face up to that makes it impossible to define a new role for Britain in the world.

  • Event

    Can the BRI and B3W Coexist in Africa?

    Join us for an in-depth conversation with leading scholars on U.S., China, and Africa policy to discuss whether the BRI and B3W can address Africa’s financing needs and how to avoid the negative spillovers of great power competition on the African continent.

    • September 27, 2019
    • Voice of America
    Erik Brattberg
    Whither Brexit?
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    • January 16, 2019
    • 1a
    Erik Brattberg
    Brexit Deal Rejected: Now What?
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    • July 16, 2018
    • CNBC
    Yukon Huang
    Europe and China Are Not Natural Allies
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