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Russia Is Trying to Put a Price Tag on Nato’s Involvement in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is seeking reckless new ways to impose costs on the US and its allies

· July 7, 2024
Financial Times
Stoltenberg stands over Zelensky, pointing, with both are surrounded by many other people
Washington Wants to Avoid a Repeat of Last Year’s NATO Summit

The Vilnius summit achieved some breakthroughs for Ukraine, but both Kyiv and NATO member states are aiming for a calmer atmosphere this year.

· June 27, 2024
Europe’s Grand Bargain for the Twenty-First Century and its Transatlantic Implications

As the United States continues to divert its energy to respond to China’s rise, the EU could start laying the foundations of a new security architecture on the European continent.

· June 27, 2024
To Return or Not? Ukrainian Women’s Experiences of Internal Displacement

Ukraine’s internally displaced women face a complex dilemma: whether to return home or integrate into their host communities. To promote social cohesion and resilience, government policies should take into account IDPs’ unique experiences and needs.

  • Marnie Howlett
  • Daryna Dvornichenko
· June 26, 2024
Can EU Enlargement Work?

The EU’s enlargement momentum, fueled by Russia’s war against Ukraine, is wearing off. To make political conditionality work, the union must prioritize securing buy-in from candidate countries’ elites and civil society.

· June 20, 2024
In The Media
in the media
Is Russia's Window for Gains this Summer Narrowing?

A discussion on topics from Russia’s culminated offensive on Kharkiv, to battlefields of the Donbas, to ongoing fighting in the south, to Russia’s displaced Black Sea Fleet

· June 14, 2024
War on the Rocks Podcast