Climate Change
A man rides a bicycle through a desert oasis surrounded by dried up palm trees
Climate Change in the Middle East and North Africa: Mitigating Vulnerabilities and Designing Effective Policies

Conclusions from a Carnegie series on climate-related vulnerability, socioeconomic impacts, and governance challenges.

· June 20, 2024
Ursula von der Leyen speaking behind a dais
What Exactly Do the Radical Right’s Wins Mean for the EU?

Making sense of the parliamentary election outcomes and how they might impact issues such as climate.

· June 13, 2024
Woman in gray hijab loads a large plastic water container onto a small donkey
What Tunisia’s Municipalities Can Contribute to Climate Adaptation

Because Tunisia’s regions face different climate threats and socioeconomic needs, municipalities should be more empowered to implement climate mitigation measures and protect vulnerable communities.

· June 13, 2024
Climate Vulnerability in Libya: Building Resilience Through Local Empowerment

Libya’s climate-vulnerable regions of Jabal Nafusa, Fezzan, and Jabal Akhdar underscore the important role played by civil society and municipalities in protecting marginalized communities.

· June 6, 2024
Five Issues to Watch After Sheinbaum’s Electoral Triumph in Mexico

The president-elect will inherit profound challenges, including cartel violence and climate change adaptation.

· June 5, 2024
Climate Change and Conflict: A Perfect Storm in Sudan's Countryside

What began in Sudan as a power struggle between generals in 2023, quickly escalated into a full-scale war, exacerbating the severe impacts of climate change on rural livelihoods.