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Putin’s New War Economy

Why Soviet-Style Military Spending—and State Intervention—Won’t Save Russia

· July 10, 2024
Foreign Policy
How DiDi Chuxing Adapts to Latin America’s Era of Digital Platforms

The Chinese ride-hailing app has acclimated remarkably well to local conditions, challenging simplistic narratives about the entry of Chinese companies into the region.

  • Omar Manky
  • Natalia Mogollón
· July 1, 2024
Sovereign Wealth Funds: Corruption and Other Governance Risks

To protect their assets for the long term, some countries invest resources and wealth into sovereign wealth funds, which manage a diversified portfolio. But without adequate transparency requirements, these vehicles can be ripe for corruption and other governance risks.

· June 26, 2024
Our Polycrisis Summer
July 1, 2024

If you were to unwrap the intersecting problems known as “the polycrisis,” you’d find climate change at the middle. Destructive floods, unaffordable energy, unsustainable debt burdens, and economic conflict between superpowers — the overheating of the planet plays a role in all of them.

  • +1
  • Tim Sahay
  • Kate Mackenzie
  • David Wallace-Wells
  • Noah Gordon
G7 leaders gathering on a platform before a group photo
South Korea Should Be the Next G7 Member

Seoul could act as a crucial link for the current cast of characters, particularly as it seeks to integrate emerging markets.

· June 18, 2024