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Russia Is Trying to Put a Price Tag on Nato’s Involvement in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is seeking reckless new ways to impose costs on the US and its allies

· July 7, 2024
Financial Times
A person drops a ballot in a locked ballot box
European Elections Are Casting Shadows Over the NATO Summit

EU, French, and British votes will impact NATO’s agendas and policies—but only over time.

· July 2, 2024
In The Media
in the media
NATO Is Turning 75, but How Much Is There to Celebrate?

It is important that NATO has survived for so many decades, but staying alive can’t be the standard for judging success. Real success comes from serving the concrete interests of the members of the alliance.

· July 1, 2024
Foreign Policy
Is NATO a Good Deal? Making the Case for the Alliance to the Public
July 9, 2024

Join the Carnegie Endowment’s Europe Program to begin NATO Summit week with a discussion of how leaders in Washington and beyond might make a stronger case for NATO, including to those wary of military engagements overseas.

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  • Tobias Billström
  • John Hickenlooper
  • Janet Napolitano
  • Jim Sciutto
Stoltenberg stands over Zelensky, pointing, with both are surrounded by many other people
Washington Wants to Avoid a Repeat of Last Year’s NATO Summit

The Vilnius summit achieved some breakthroughs for Ukraine, but both Kyiv and NATO member states are aiming for a calmer atmosphere this year.

· June 27, 2024
Person in yellow construction suit works on series of large pipes on a foggy day
NATO’s Path to Securing Undersea Infrastructure in the Baltic Sea

To align and coordinate its response, NATO urgently needs to create a NATO command center that would focus solely on the Baltic Sea region.

  • Helga Kalm
· May 29, 2024