Nuclear Policy
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The Forgotten World War III Scare of 1980

Moscow and Washington trapped themselves in a cycle of fear over Iran.

· June 9, 2024
Foreign Policy
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How Iran Benefits from Non-Weaponized Nuclear Deterrence

On this episode, Ankit Panda and Nicole Grajewski focus on whether and how Iran might benefit from non-weaponized nuclear deterrence.

· May 29, 2024
Thinking the Unthinkable with Ankit Panda podcast (War on the Rocks)
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Iran’s Nuclear Threshold Challenge

To navigate the twin problems of dealing with Iran and preventing the nuclear threshold from becoming a desirable status for others, policymakers ultimately will need to reconfigure nuclear energy and nonproliferation policy.

· May 23, 2024
War on the Rocks
The Iran-Russia Friendship Won’t Wither Under Raisi’s Successor

Moscow and Tehran’s partnership has been growing since 2015 and only increased since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

· May 21, 2024
Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Leaders
May 29, 2024

Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Leaders is a special half-day conference hosted by the 2023-2024 James C. Gaither Junior Fellows. Over the course of three sessions, panelists will discuss issues impacting youth including the evolving global order and role of institutions, climate change, AI, radicalization, and shifts in the information landscape.   

  • Abby Finkenauer 
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