Richard N. Haass
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Publication Date: 1994

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Selected by Choice as a 1995 Outstanding Book

When, where, and how should the United States use military force? Drawing upon twelve recent case studies--including Bosnia, Somalia, Panama, Grenada, Haiti, and the Gulf War--Richard Haass suggests political and military guidelines for potential U.S. military interventions ranging from peacekeeping and humanitarian operations to preventive strikes and all-out warfare.

Intervention discusses how past interventions could have turned out if these guidelines had been observed and assesses where and how the United States should be prepared to use force in the future. The author explains the political and military consequences of these commitments and proposes a division of labor among the United States, regional organizations, and the United Nations.

Richard Haass, a former Carnegie Endowment Senior Associate, is now Director of Foreign Policy Studies at The Brookings Institution.