Uganda, Ethiopia, and Eritrea are among the most dynamic countries in Africa. Their success in reconstructing war-devastated economies and restoring a degree of stability has won them international praise. But their aggressive foreign policies and their reluctance to yield to international pressure for a quick transition to democracy raise the possibility that they will sink into a new cycle of war and economic decay.


What positive role can the international community play in countries where trends are so contradictory? The answer will confront the United Statesand not only in Africawith increasing frequency. Africa's New Leaders: Democracy or State Reconstruction? is an important resource for policy makers and others forced to deal with countries where democratic change is both complex and protracted.

Praise for this publication

“This well written, insightful book provides a clear-headed analysis of key issues in African politics today. It should be read by anyone interested in Africa or U.S. policy toward that region.”
Carol Lancaster, Georgetown University