In the near decade since the original publication of Kazakhstan: Unfulfilled Promise, the Kazakh Republic has faced major economic, social, and foreign policy upheavals, not least the impact of the 2008 global financial crisis. These developments warrant a re-examination of the statement posed in the title of the original book—whether thecountry’s promise has remained unfulfilled.

In this revised edition Kazakhstan: Unfulfilled Promise? Martha Brill Olcott, an internationally respected expert on Central Asia, details the first decades of Kazakhstan’s existence in the context of its political and historical legacy, its geography, and its economic and social development. In a new chapter, Olcott reevaluates whether Kazakhstan is closer to realizing its economic and political potential and charting the expansion of its international role. Olcott draws on her vast knowledge of Kazakhstan to provide an important contribution to understanding the current status of this country, as well as more broadly, the perils of state building and the dangers these pose for
regional and global security.

Praise for this publication

Kazakhstan: Unfulfilled Promise reaffirms Olcott as the pre-eminent American scholar of Kazakhstan.”
Eric Sievers, Harvard University

“Olcott’s expert knowledge combined with her accessible writing style has produced a book that not only is essential for those experts working on this country but should also prove popular with many who have a general interest in the area.”
John Glenn, University of Southampton, UK

Kazakhstan: Unfulfilled Promise is a bible for understanding the country.”
William Courtney, former U.S. ambassador to Kazakhstan and Georgia