Europe’s relationship with its eastern frontier is at a turning point. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Crimea in 2014, and the ensuing crisis in Ukraine, has forced the EU to reevaluate its relationship with its eastern neighbors. The heady, post Cold War optimism of a single free Europe has confronted cold, hard reality. Carnegie Senior Fellow Richard Youngs joins Tom Carver for a conversation about his new book, Europe’s Eastern Crisis: The Geopolitics of Asymmetry, to discuss how reality is threatening the fundamental principles of the European order.

Richard Youngs has authored eleven books. His most recent works are Europe’s Eastern Crisis: The Geopolitics of Asymmetry (Cambridge University Press, 2017), The Puzzle of Non-Western Democracy (Carnegie, 2015), and Europe in the New Middle East (Oxford University Press, 2014). He has held positions in the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and as an EU Marie Curie fellow.

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