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Acute threats to the global supply chain for information and communications technologies (ICTs) erode trust in products and services critical to governments, industry, and the general public worldwide. Escalating geopolitical tensions and commercial rivalries exacerbate legitimate concerns over inadvertent vulnerabilities and intentional backdoor interventions into supply chains by state and corporate actors. What can be done to reduce systemic risks, restore confidence in the integrity of ICTs, and forestall fragmentation of the marketplace?

Join us for a discussion of ICT supply chain integrity and complementary measures by governments and ICT suppliers to meet this challenge, which is the subject of the new paper that Carnegie's Ariel Levite will release at the event.

Ariel Levite

Ariel Levite is a nonresident senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Mark Chandler

Mark Chandler is executive vice president, chief legal officer, and chief compliance officer at Cisco. 

Bobbie Stempfley

Bobbie Stempfley is managing director of Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute CERT Program.