Iran will almost certainly be a top priority of the incoming Biden administration. Not only are dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions expected to be high on the U.S. agenda, but escalating tensions on the ground between Iran, Israel, and the United States in 2020 may well intensify in 2021, and the United States will need to be prepared to contain them.

How do Tehran and Jerusalem intend to approach the new administration; what priorities, calculations, and attitudes will shift? And how will the Biden foreign policy team deal with the complex challenge of re-entering and/or re-negotiating the Iran nuclear accord as well as engaging the other international parties still committed to the JCPOA? Finally, what role will domestic politics in Washington, Tehran, and Jerusalem play in shaping events as they unfold?

Join us as Suzanne Maloney, Karim Sadjadpour, and Michael Singh sit down with Aaron David Miller to address these and other critical issues facing the new administration.