The United States, Europe, and China are not the only major digital players crafting the data policies that are shaping the Internet, the cloud, and the software and apps using them. There has been a proliferation of policy and regulatory models in recent years—and a global debate about how the data economy should evolve—as countries, from India to Japan to South Korea, experiment, innovate, and share their policy experiences and practices, successes, and failures. 

In The Korean Way With Data: How the World’s Most Wired Country Is Forging a Third Way, edited by Evan A. Feigenbaum and Michael Nelson, scholars explore what lessons can be learned from South Korea. 

Join us for a conversation featuring Jang Gyehyun, Eli Noam, and Naomi Wilson on the new report and the ways in which countries can offer alternative approaches to those of the U.S. and China in a fast-moving world of technology, data, and internet governance. Carnegie’s Michael Nelson will moderate, and  Evan A. Feigenbaum will provide introductory remarks on Carnegie’s expanding suite of work on Korean approaches to technology.