The climate crisis poses many threats to global security, but among the most urgent is access to a life-sustaining resource: water. From the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam dispute to border skirmishes between India and China, famine in Afghanistan, and political unrest in the United States, Latin America, and North Africa, it is clear that water-related competition only escalates in scale and intensity as climate change further restricts access to this ever-vital resource. What can today’s political leaders do to address conflict and insecurity and prevent catastrophic consequences in our near future? And how can we reverse damage to essential water resources before it is too late?

Join Carnegie for a special event in honor of World Water Day with experts Ellen Hanak, Olivia Lazard, Stewart Patrick, and Zainab Usman in conversation with Tino Cuéllar, on the water crisis and how today’s leaders can deescalate conflict and pursue sustainable solutions for our global future.