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Governments around the world increasingly use internet controls to quell dissent, control political narratives, and cut off access to the outside world. In Russia, President Putin has blocked access to the global internet, forcing citizens into digital isolation. Meanwhile in China, the government maintains control over access to information through its Great Firewall—a complex censorship tool that cuts off access to certain information from the outside world. But even as shutdowns last longer and become harder to detect, citizens are fighting back—identifying new strategies and collaborating with outside actors to get back online.

Join Carnegie for a timely discussion about what these trends mean for the current geopolitical landscape and what citizens can do to evade authoritarian controls and regain access to the World Wide Web.

This event is hosted live on Twitter Spaces and then uploaded as an audio recording to the event page on the Carnegie website. A Twitter account is not required to attend the event live, but is required to participate in live Q&A.