Beatrix Geaghan‑Breiner
Research Analyst, American Statecraft Program


Beatrix Geaghan-Breiner is a research analyst for the American Statecraft Program. She received a BA from Columbia University in 2022, where she studied the history of U.S. foreign policy. Prior to joining Carnegie, she worked as a researcher at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft in their Grand Strategy program. 

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How Washington Should Manage Rising Middle Powers

And why it would be a mistake to judge emerging powers by the strength of their ties to China or Russia.

· April 30, 2024
Foreign Policy
Emerging Powers and the Future of American Statecraft

Collectively, a group of emerging powers in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East are growing in their geopolitical weight and diplomatic ambition. How closely do they align with the United States when it comes to Russia and China? What drives their decisions on the world stage? How can the United States integrate them into its foreign policy strategy?

Mexico In the Emerging World Order

While Mexico has taken an independent foreign policy, it firmly sees itself as part of North America. The U.S. movement to de-risk from China may be pivotal to realizing that vision.

South Africa in the Emerging World Order

South Africa wants a more multipolar world order where developing countries have more influence. It therefore views counterweights to U.S. power, including China and Russia, as friends rather than enemies.

Brazil in the Emerging World Order

Brazil is moving up the ranks of the global system, with the objective of taking on a greater role in geopolitical agenda-setting. It sees China’s rise as helpful for this objective.

Nigeria in the Emerging World Order

Nigeria’s large economy and burgeoning soft power make it a critical emerging power in Africa. But domestic problems demand that Nigeria steer a careful middle path between the United States and its adversaries.

Argentina In the Emerging World Order

In recent years, Buenos Aires has sought stronger ties with China and membership in the BRICS. But with the recent election of far-right president Javier Milei, Argentina’s approach to the world may change.

Indonesia in the Emerging World Order

As Indonesia joins the ranks of Asia’s rising powers, it will avoid alignment with either the United States or China.

India in the Emerging World Order

India is increasingly aligned with the United States on China, but it is not squarely in Washington’s camp. It goes its own way when it comes to Russia.

Saudi Arabia in the Emerging World Order

As the United States has moved away from Saudi oil, the relationship between the two countries has grown complicated. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has only deepened the divide.