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    How Japan’s Startup Ecosystem Grew Alongside Its Large Firms

    To understand how Japan’s economy changes over time, it is important to differentiate the traditional, new, and hybrid parts that coexist—observers who look at only the traditional areas may conclude that very little has changed, while those more familiar with the new areas see rapid and extensive change.

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    Ready for Prime Time: Japan’s Maturing Startup Ecosystem

    Japan is determined to foster a startup economy. But every startup ecosystem is built on several components and a strategic conception of how they fit together. Cracking this puzzle will be Japan's challenge.

  • Research

    Startup Japan: Series Overview

    Japan's startup ecosystem, which grew as a relatively peripheral segment of Japan’s economy throughout much of its recent history, is now front and center in getting attention from the government and big business.

  • Commentary

    Carbon Pricing Isn’t Enough to Mitigate Climate Change

    This summer’s deadly heat wave could be the third major impetus in just two years for countries to acknowledge that tilting European markets through carbon pricing isn’t enough to address the climate crisis. To meet the existential challenge, states must intervene aggressively in markets, starting with energy regulations and industrial policies.

  • Multimedia

    German City Turns off the Lights at Night Due to the Energy Crisis

    Customers are going to start to see higher prices even higher than what they're paying now. But most of the burden will fall on industry.

  • Commentary

    Germany’s Energy Crisis Is Bigger Than Gazprom

    Berlin’s seemingly technical energy debate is actually social and political.

  • Commentary

    China’s Sanctions Strategy and Its Implications

    • Yukon Huang
    • July 26, 2022
    • The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR)

    In some sense, these laws are codifying powers that the Chinese government possesses anyway as an authoritarian regime. It can at any time put out a restriction on trade or cultural exchange designed to penalize a company or country. Whether there is a legal or nonlegal basis is irrelevant.

  • Multimedia

    In China, the Banking Scandal Is Causing Some to Lose Faith in the Communist Party

    The purpose of the rural banks was to support the rural community. The problem is that small banks tend not to be diversified. They tend to be highly concentrated in certain industries and in certain regions.

  • Commentary

    Russia Will Miss the World Order Putin Upended

    In his fight to change the world order, Mr. Putin wasn’t afraid to destroy the existing one. Russia has staked everything on its size and might, banking on the prospect that attempts to exclude it from the world order will lead to that order’s collapse—or at least that the economic costs will force the West to adapt to Russian needs.

    • July 29, 2022
    • The World
    Noah Gordon
    German City Turns off the Lights at Night Due to the Energy Crisis
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    • July 25, 2022
    • All Things Considered (NPR)
    Michael Pettis
    In China, the Banking Scandal Is Causing Some to Lose Faith in the Communist Party
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    • July 21, 2022
    • Into Africa podcast
    Zainab Usman
    Gold, Gas, and Good Governance
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