The appearance of an independent Ukraine is one of the most dramatic aspects of the new political geography of Europe. This book examines the importance of an independent and stable Ukraine for the future stability of Europe. It analyzes ongoing Ukrainian attempts to construct a coherent state and the implications of those efforts for wider regional stability. It explores the dynamics of the Russia-Ukraine relationship; the rise of new security ties and frictions between Ukraine and its neighbors; and the role of the West in Ukrainian independence and stability. Special attention is given to the security implications of Ukraine's internal ethnic and regional divisions, the Black Sea Fleet, and NATO expansion.

Reviews for this publication

"Precious few books or articles do justice to both the core challenges facing Ukrainian foreign policy and the reasons Ukraine's success or failure in meeting them matters to the rest of Europe. Garnett's book does."
-Foreign Affairs

"A timely and incisive book on an issue of vital importance to Europe's stability?by a creative yet realistic geopolitical analyst."
-Zbigniew Brzezinski, Center for Strategic and International Studies

"Rigorously argued and elegantly written, Keystone in the Arch is a refreshingly no-nonsense analysis that will appeal to specialists and non-specialists alike. Sherman Garnett has produced an indispensable guide to Ukraine's security landscape."
-Alexander J. Motyl, The Harriman Institute, Columbia University

"This is the first comprehensive study of the crucial role of an independent Ukraine in establishing lasting security in Central and Eastern Europe. Garnett's expert analysis of the complex Russia-Ukraine relationship is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the deeper issues involved in current debates about NATO enlargement and Russia's place in the post-Soviet world."
-Roman Szporluk, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University