When it comes to foreign policy, George Will quipped, Americans want as little of it as possible. That much was even clearer this week as American voters had inflation, crime, abortion access, U.S. democracy, and recession fears at the top of their minds in the midterm elections. At the same time, warming temperatures, supply chain breakdowns, and a global pandemic have only reaffirmed the inescapable fact that what happens here at home is inextricably linked to events beyond America’s shores. All this takes place amid the backdrop of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China’s rise as a peer competitor, and challenges from rogue states such as North Korea and Iran. How do we prioritize these challenges? And what does it mean to lead in a complex, multipolar world?

Join Aaron David Miller as he sits down with Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman for a wide-ranging discussion of these and other challenges.