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The American Statecraft Program develops and advances ideas for a more disciplined U.S. foreign policy aligned with American values and cognizant of the limits of American power in a more competitive world.


Pivotal States Series

The American Statecraft Program’s Pivotal States Series examines U.S. foreign policy through the lens of key bilateral relationships, mapping the way to a foreign policy more responsive to the realities of the mid-twenty-first century.

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Program experts

Christopher S. Chivvis

Senior Fellow and Director, American Statecraft Program

Suzanne DiMaggio

Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Peter Harrell

Nonresident Scholar, American Statecraft Program

Jennifer Kavanagh

Senior Fellow, American Statecraft Program

Aaron David Miller

Senior Fellow

Brett Rosenberg

Nonresident Scholar, American Statecraft Program

Christopher Shell

Fellow, American Statecraft Program

Katie Tobin

Nonresident Scholar, American Statecraft Program

Stephen Wertheim

Senior Fellow American Statecraft Program

Podcast Series

Carnegie Connects

Carnegie Connects is our premier live podcast hosted by Aaron David Miller. Every other week, he tackles the most pressing foreign policy issues of the day in conversations with journalists, policymakers, historians, and experts.

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