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Latest Analysis

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    Education in Algeria: Don’t Mention the War

    By being silent about Algeria’s conflict during the 1990s, the country’s educational sector has missed an opportunity to create a basis for reconciliation.

  • The Western Balkans Leaving the EU Dream Behind

    This month’s Brdo declaration also spoke of “the primacy of democracy, fundamental rights and values and the rule of law”.

  • What The Loss of Freedom Feels Like

    On days when I despair at the state of Lebanon, or the future of Hong Kong, I think of the Berlin Wall. For 40 years, those living in its shadow, on either side, could not imagine a life beyond the division it enforced, even while many strove to bring it down. Until, one day, the wall fell.

  • Reflection on “Women in Tech” Narratives

    Narratives are powerful catalysts. They go a long way in framing challenges and expanding the imaginary horizons for what can be done to tackle them. Women in tech narratives have certainly had an impact on the trajectories taken in education, the tech industry, and public policymaking.

  • EU, India and the Indo-Pacific

    By and large, the Indo-Pacific strategy of the EU remains driven by economic considerations and India, whose main asset is geopolitical and even geostrategic, does not figure prominently in it.

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